Understanding Relational Values in Conservation Practices

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Dinda Prayunita is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Development at KU Leuven. She has extensive experience in forestry and biodiversity conservation and has become increasingly interested in the social science domain to achieve better conservation outcomes. We invited Dinda to share some reflections on her research journey in this post.

Remote working in participatory video – the UN Women experience

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The Covid-19 crisis forced many people to stay at home and work remotely. In this post, we ask what are the pros and cons of remote working in participatory video projects where face-to-face communication is extremely important? Is it still possible to involve and train groups coming from disadvantaged backgrounds remotely? What strategies and methodologies can be put in place to make sure that the participatory process is still inclusive?

Digital Storytelling about Community Food Growing Project: Second Insights from autumn 2021 course

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Visual stories developed through the Grassroots Visual Storytelling about Community Food-Growing’ course encompassed a diverse range of initiatives, many of them different than community gardens. The films give an inside view of how food-growing initiatives have dealt with participants’ difficulties and inspirations; they elicit diverse feelings, firstly from the storytellers themselves and then from those who have seen their visual stories.

“We feel at home” at the Calthorpe: Community garden volunteers share their experiences

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Screening short films made by participants in various community-gardens in London stimulated a discussion about volunteers’ experiences, especially getting to know different kinds of people, sharing their skills, feeling more healthy, and spreading cultivation more widely. These benefits had special importance during the Covid-19 pandemic when many people otherwise faced social isolation.

Digital Storytelling about group food growing – Invitation to Participate

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Have you experienced benefits in your everyday life through group food-growing activities? Are you involved in community food growing and would like to share your story? Can you help us investigate how community food growing has helped people and groups to cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

Mental health project kicks off in Guyana

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In collaboration with Guyanese communities and stakeholders, and funded by the British Academy, the Cobra Collective is participating in ARCLIGHT (‘Action Research Community Led Initiative Guyana Health Team’), an ambitious new research project which will develop, implement and evaluate a capacity building and intervention programme for addressing the challenges of mental health in Guyana. Guyana is consistently ranked within the top five countries in the world with the highest suicide rates.

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