The integrating of traditional knowledge into national policy project continues to touch communities

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Integrating Traditional Knowledge into National Policy and Practice is one-year into its community work. Communities that have already been trained are making their videos. Work scheduled to engage communities associated with other Protected Areas in the coming months. Very exciting!

Launch of Darwin Initiative project

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Working in Guyana, this project will address Aichi Biodiversity Target 18, incorporating traditional knowledge [TK] into biodiversity policy for poverty reduction, by 1) evaluating TK integration using case studies focused on protected areas management, 2) building institutional capacity in TK integration, and 3) developing a National Action Plan for TK.

Why bridging traditional knowledge and environmental science matters

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In the Collective, we endeavour to bridge Indigenous and Western science knowledge systems i.e. maintain the integrity of each knowledge system while creating spaces for a two-way exchange of understanding for mutual learning. We do this by recognising multiple epistemologies – the underlying values and beliefs – in environmental management and governance, by using a diverse range of methods and processes, and by connecting across spatial and temporal scales for collective action.