New advances building the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management in Venezuela (Part 1)

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Kavanayen Pemón Indigenous Community workshop and Assembly September 1, 2016 New advances and agreements in the Pemón Indigenous community of Kavanayén, Gran Sabana, for the construction of the Intercultural and Participative Fire Management in Canaima National Park, Venezuela. During year 2016, the research group of the “Building the case for integrating Indigenous and academic knowledge into a participatory and sustainable fire management policy” project, supported by British Academy, UK,  and coordinated by the Royal Holloway University of London and Simon Bolivar … Read More

Integrating Indigenous fire practices within government fire management policy

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First International meeting of the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management Network. January 26, 2016 Parupa 2015 – Fotohistoria – Photostory – Fogo – RedePDF   This photostory revealed scenes and activities of the first meeting of the “Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management Network” that took place over four days in July 2015 at the Parupa scientific station, Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela. This workshop joined together 60 participants, belonging to more than 25 government and academic institutions and indigenous communities from … Read More

The power of participatory visual methods

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Giving a voice to people – visual communication has the ability to engage a wide cross-section of society directly. For example, visual posters can be displayed in public places and videos can be uploaded to social media. Going beyond writing – in many places, people cannot read and write well, so visual documentation of local issues means that people are able to express themselves more easily. In addition, using images can help to promote more relaxed and aware participation. This … Read More

Training researchers in Venezuela

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1-day Cobra training in Caracas November 23, 2015 On the 7th November 2015, a one-day training course on Cobra’s community owned solutions approach was held at the IDEA research centre in Caracas, Venezuela. The twenty participants were from a range of research backgrounds including biology, sociology and anthropology. The training was part of the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management project and centred around an introduction to the COBRA Handbook, which provides detailed and easily accessible explanations on key concepts and … Read More

Taller en Caracas, Venezuela: ¿Cómo encontrar y compartir soluciones comunitarias propias?

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La perspectiva de un participante November 23, 2015 Recientemente apoyamos desde la IBG-Venezuela/ACOANA la organización y ejecución del Taller de entrenamiento para facilitadores comunitarios: ¿Cómo encontrar y compartir soluciones comunitarias propias? Un nuevo enfoque para la participación comunitaria (7 de noviembre 2015), impulsada con perseverancia por el equipo COBRA, liderado en esta oportunidad por Jay Mistry, con el apoyo de la profesora Bibiana Bilbao (Universidad Simón Bolívar), en su visita a Venezuela.   Participé en el taller con interés renovado … Read More

First meeting of the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management Network

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  Sharing experiences and developing action plans Between the 8-11 July 2015, more than 60 Indigenous, institutional and academic representatives from Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana and the UK came together at the Estación Científica Parupa, with the support of the Comunidad Indígena Kavanayén, Gran Sabana, Venezuela. This first meeting of the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management Network aimed at exploring ‘community owned’ Indigenous fire management i.e. fire management practices that emerge out of the traditional wisdom and experiences of Indigenous communities … Read More

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