New advances building the Participatory and Intercultural Fire Management in Venezuela (Part 3)

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Meetings and workshops with authorities and officials of Venezuelan government institutions: General Direction Sectorial of National Parks, National Parks Institute (INPARQUES), Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism and Waters (MINEA) September 22, 2016 New advances and agreements with Venezuelan government institutions and policy makers for the construction of the Intercultural and Participative Fire Management in Canaima National Park, Venezuela. Durante el año 2016, el grupo de investigación del proyecto financiado por la Academia Británica con el objetivo de “desarrollar un … Read More

Why bridging traditional knowledge and environmental science matters

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Although there is growing recognition of the relevance of local knowledge systems for conservation and environmental management, Western science continues to value quantitative data on a relatively small number of variables. Local ecological knowledge, on the other hand, qualitatively integrates complex situations over different spatio-temporal scales and across disciplines to provide holistic interpretations. Engagement with local ecological knowledge is typically to validate it through scientific knowledge, and/or to assimilate it within Western worldviews of nature and the environment e.g. community … Read More

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