Why should we care about Indigenous knowledge to save the world?

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The latest global assessment on nature and biodiversity, released in Paris on 6 May paints a dire picture on the state of biodiversity on Earth: One Million species are threatened of extinction if us humans do not radically change our ways and perform transformative changes to restore and protect Nature. Indigenous peoples manage or have tenure rights over land that intersects about 40% of all terrestrial protected areas and ecologically intact landscapes, highlighting how the maintenance of a significant share … Read More

The Pemón Indigenous elders are also scientists: their knowledge is key in environmental conservation

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Disseminating the value of ancestral Indigenous knowledge for the conservation of tropical forests and Participatory Fire Management in Canaima National Park, Venezuela. Radio interview with Dr. Bibiana Bilbao Universidad Simón Bolívar and Mayor Miguel Matany, Commander of the INPARQUES Firefighters Corps in the Program: “Date con la Ciencia” (Come and learn together with the Science) led by Dr. Guillermo Barreto, Vice-Minister for Research and Application of Knowledge, Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology https://twitter.com/fonacit_ve/status/776271767463755777 ‘Date con … Read More