Our solutions are in nature

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“Our Solutions are in Nature” – what an appropriate theme for this year’s International Day for Biodiversity! The Convention on Biological Diversity highlights that ‘our biodiversity remains the answer to a number of sustainable development challenges that we all face. From nature-based solutions to climate, to food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity remains the basis for a sustainable future’. The year 2020 can be deemed as a year of opportunity and solutions for biodiversity. It is the final … Read More

Why should we care about Indigenous knowledge to save the world?

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The latest global assessment on nature and biodiversity, released in Paris on 6 May paints a dire picture on the state of biodiversity on Earth: One Million species are threatened of extinction if us humans do not radically change our ways and perform transformative changes to restore and protect Nature. Indigenous peoples manage or have tenure rights over land that intersects about 40% of all terrestrial protected areas and ecologically intact landscapes, highlighting how the maintenance of a significant share … Read More

International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) 2018

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Celebrating 25 years of ‘Safeguarding Life on Earth’! As we celebrate the world’s diverse variety of life, IDB 2018 is an opportunity to raise awareness about the growing threats and challenges facing biodiversity. Action is needed now more than ever, and traditional knowledge can play an important role in this process. To read the article online click on the link below: https://issuu.com/gytimes/docs/guyanatime_20_may_2018 (see page 14)

Presentations to the scientific community of the Guiana Shield

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IV International Society of the Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield (IBG) Congress, Guyana August 13, 2016 IV IBG Congress AbstractsPDF The IV International Society of the Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield (IBG) Congress took place 8-12 August in Georgetown, Guyana and we presented work on fire management, community owned solutions and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. The Congress provided a unique opportunity to share our findings with academics and practitioners working both within the government and non-governmental sectors on issues of conservation … Read More

El Proyecto COBRA y las técnicas fotográficas participativas

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Foro de Biodiversidad Cordoba – 24-25 Septiembre 2013 September 27, 2013 El proyecto COBRA ha sido expuesto en la Universidad de Córdoba , dentro del X Foro de Biodiversidad (24-25 de Septiembre 2013) promovido por el Comité Español de la UICN, enfocado en el diseño de modelos de sostenibilidad por las administraciones locales y en el manejo de los recursos naturales frente a los desafíos medioambientales. Project COBRA – Creative Commons El proyecto ha sido presentado conjuntamente con otros  dos … Read More