Javier Ruiz Ramos

Javier Ruiz is a remote sensing consultant with experience investigating environmental dynamics and disturbances of natural ecosystems. After achieving a degree in Forestry Engineering and an MSc in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Javier began a PhD program in the area of Environment & Earth Observation at The Open University. His line of research focuses on highlighting the capabilities of Remote Sensing technologies, especially Synthetic Aperture Radar – SAR satellite sensors, for detecting landscape transformations associated with human socio-economic activities (e.g. deforestation, illegal mining, agriculture & urban expansion) or natural processes such as floods, windstorms or forest-fires. Javier┬áhas worked on diverse conservation programmes and initiatives in Spain, Guyana and the UK which have served him to gain experience in a wide range of tasks such as environmental monitoring and ground-truthing, biodiversity tracking or spatio-temporal analysis, among others. He believes in the power of collective participation approaches for designing and developing new ideas and solutions that support local communities.

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