Engaging with communities can be difficult, yet with the right approach, significant results can be achieved. We can help you work with communities to meet your objectives and make your interventions more sustainable through staff training, implementation, impact assessment and dissemination.

We have developed a bespoke approach – community owned solutions. This helps create an environment of mutual respect that can make your engagement more effective. We allow you to engage with community perspectives and aspirations in order to maximise your impacts. The approach empowers communities to take ownership of and implement your intervention through sharing their positive experiences. We achieve this through combining a systems framework to evaluate inter-relationships and the use of participatory technologies such as cameras and videos. The approach bridges traditional understanding, technology and science by creating spaces for a respectful knowledge exchange and mutual learning.

The approach is fundamentally transdisciplinary and holistic, supporting practitioners working in the fields of development, nature conservation, health, natural resource management, social welfare and education.

The Cobra Collective members have over 20 years experience working with communities, providing training, implementation and research in South and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


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