On the 2nd February 2016, Cobra Collective members gave a one-day training course on how to work with stakeholders and communities to identify and share Community Owned Solutions. Twenty one participants attended from backgrounds ranging from nature conservation, learning and education to the design and operation of wetland visitor centres.

The training centred around an introduction to the COBRA Handbook giving participants an understanding of how to deliver stakeholder engagement and community participation in the field. Participants had the chance to take part in practical sessions demonstrating the concepts and techniques of the handbook, in particular carrying out participatory visual techniques.

Participants managed to identify, storyboard, video and produce a film of their chosen community owned solution within the day, familiarising themselves with the approach and techniques. The sharing of their film with the wider group gave a chance for participants to evaluate their experience and discuss how they could use the approach in their wider work to engage UK and international stakeholders more effectively.

  • Location Slimbridge, United Kingdom
  • Collaborators Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Conservation and Wetland Experience and Creation Directorates and WWT Consulting
  • Funding Cobra Collective
  • Service provided Training
  • WWT Consulting www.wwtconsulting.co.uk