This innovative project aims to develop accessible augmented reality tools in order to help foster constructive dialogue and shared future building between marginalized interface communities in Belfast. 

It will work with community members to produce an encounter-app enabling users to “see” and communicate with each other through a wall. The app draws on advanced but widely accessible mobile computer vision technology, delivering a seamlessly shared AR experience. The app is a pilot for exploring the capacity for contextual engagement in the Interface Project with an aim of forging an empathetic dialogue.

The project invests heavily in working with members of these communities for developing a relevant “community ownership” framework for the further development and design of such technologies. This will, therefore, provide the initial foundation for considering how to assist interface communities in co-creating and exploiting AR and ICT technologies for transforming commonly contested spaces into ones promoting social inclusion and aspirations for common progress

Lead contact Géraud de Ville (emailbio)


  • Location Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Project Partners The Open University, Animorph Co-op, Belfast Interface Project
  • Funder Central Good Relations Fund 2019/20
  • Service provided Research, Project Delivery