WWF Guianas has been working closely with the Guyana Protected Areas Commission (PAC) to engage local communities and build capacity for improved management of its protected areas. This pilot project was intended to explore some of the challenges and solutions of the Indigenous Patamona community of Chenapau while building capacity in techniques that would allow them to identify and discuss solutions that addressed current and future natural resource management challenges. Chenapau village is contiguous to the Kaieteur National Park and over the years there have been growing concerns related to the access, use and management of resources in and around the Park.

The one week implementation and training in the community involved participants such as village leaders, youth, men and women. Several solutions and recommendations were proposed and have been submitted to WWF and the PAC for consideration.

Already the community’s recommendations for improved tourism management have been incorporated into a draft protocol currently under revision. In addition WWF and PAC are collaborating to build on the recommendations made during this training.