Learning lessons from integrated fire management in Venezuela

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As we start drawing together data and evidence from Indigenous fire management in Venezuela as part of the LANDMARC project, Collective member and project leader, Bibiana Bilbao, presents some thoughts to Diálogo Chino on what we have learnt so far, and the potential lessons for neighbouring countries such as Colombia.

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Bibiana Bilbao is Professor at the Department of Environmental Studies, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela. Her research is on tropical savannas, fire ecology, biogeochemical cycles and vegetation change. She has also a long professional experience working on ecological and human dimensions of fire management with Indigenous communities in tropical ecosystems of Venezuela, particularly the Pemón of the Canaima National Park. She is willing to further the development of more effective, socially just and culturally sensitive policies for intercultural and participatory governance of Integrated Fire Management (MIF) in Venezuela, Brazil and other countries of South America such as Bolivia and Argentina.