Digital Storytelling about group food growing – Invitation to Participate

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Have you experienced benefits in your everyday life through group food-growing activities? Are you involved in community food growing and would like to share your story? Can you help us investigate how community food growing has helped people and groups to cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

Then we want to hear from you!

Starting in February 2021, we are recruiting participants for a collaborative digital-storytelling project organised in partnership with the Open University, Sustain and RISC. More details can be found on our project site: Digital Storytelling about Group Food Growing.

If you are connected to an urban community garden initiative (volunteers, local residents, garden organisers) and want to gain training on how to create an effective digital story, share your experiences, feelings, challenges and hopes with others, please get in touch.

To register your interest, complete the expression of interest form below. If you are selected, we will provide more details about the training programme, and your digital story, along with others produced, will be edited together to create a picture of community resilience in the face of the pandemic.

To participate in the training and to create your digital story, all you need is access to a smartphone or tablet and a willingness to join an online training course. To be considered for inclusion in this exciting digital-storytelling project complete the expression of interest form below.

For more details about the training see our project page here. Please note that completion of the expression of interest form does not guarantee a place on the course.

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Julia holds an MSc in management of marine biological resources from the international IMBRSea programme (2020). She is interested in using participatory approaches and action research for community-based environmental management. Julia is also highly interested in the use of technology for outreach, innovation and teaching within communities and in higher education.