We can help you gather evidence that your organisation – whether it is a social enterprise, voluntary or community organisation or traditional business – is actively providing a real and tangible benefit to your target communities.


Our motivations

  • Improve the effectiveness of your organisation in delivering synergistic, wide ranging and long-lasting beneficial outcomes for communities;
  • Encourage communities to take control of selecting, monitoring and evaluating the interventions which often come from the outside, but can also successfully be initiated by community members themselves.

We can help you:

  • Gain insight in order to clarify how your activities should be designed to bringabout expected and desirable changes;
  • Change practice in order to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of project activities;
  • Engage participants by using the processes of assessment to affect those who participate in the inquiry.

We promote a shared and sustained impact assessment approach which can contribute to collective learning and joined up practices. We use tools that promote visuals forms of communicating impact, including:

  • Community Impact Mapping, especially the use of the storyboard technique;
  • Outcomes Start, which uses a diagrammatic representation of results;
  • Third Sector Performance Dashboard which uses simple indicators