Metro Colombo urban wetland status report

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The Metro Colombo urban wetland status report reviews the progress made since the Metro Colombo Wetland Management Strategy (WMS) was developed in 2016 to promote wise use and sustainable management of all wetlands within the Colombo Metropolitan Region.

Community’s right to grow

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Supporting community food growing has become an important mechanism for delivering our mission to empower communities. This video serves as a digital record to remind councillors and council officers of the needs and aspirations of the community and to make food growing an integral part of community life in Runnymede.

Sharing Indigenous crafting knowledge and skills

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Throughout Guyana, Indigenous craft practices are on the decline. As part of our National Geographic Society project on conserving nature and culture through Indigenous crafting in Guyana, we have been running week-long crafting workshops, bringing together Indigenous crafters and youth from across Guyana to share their knowledge, skills and experiences, and importantly, to make connections and links with like-minded people.

What is a Rights of Wetlands approach?

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Rights of Nature is gaining increased support as a solution, an approach that is consistent with many Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ views and increasingly championed by courts, legislatures and international institutions. A ‘Rights of Wetlands’ approach promotes a holistic strategy that protects the integral functioning of a wetland, including safeguards for its constituent species and beneficial human activities that support poverty alleviation.

Understanding Relational Values in Conservation Practices

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Dinda Prayunita is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Development at KU Leuven. She has extensive experience in forestry and biodiversity conservation and has become increasingly interested in the social science domain to achieve better conservation outcomes. We invited Dinda to share some reflections on her research journey in this post.

Community food growing report

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The report 'Visual Storytelling about Community Food Growing' emerges from an investigation of the expansion of community food growing initiatives during the Covid-19 crisis. The Cobra Collective engaged community food growing participants and built their skills in digital visual storytelling to explore and promote their experiences of community food growing activities during the pandemic.

Radically hopeful cooperation in community food-growing

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In March-April 2022, the course on ‘Visual Storytelling about Community Food-Growing’ held its third and final instalment. Six participants of the cohort made engaging video stories; many more exchanged their experiences in the discussions. This post gives an overview of the insights gained, before introducing each story.

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