Rights of Wetlands Review

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The Rights of Wetlands Review is a working document that introduces Rights of Wetlands with selected examples of implementation across the world, and reviews the policy, legislation, governance, communication and management contexts of the five project countries – Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Colombo wetland management framework

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A key output of the ‘Increasing the resilience of biodiversity and livelihoods in Colombo’s wetlands’ project is the Wetland Management Framework. This builds on existing legislation and policies of the key government agencies, and incorporates a set of co-developed principles that have been created to help guide successful wetland management within Colombo.

Metro Colombo urban wetland status report

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The Metro Colombo urban wetland status report reviews the progress made since the Metro Colombo Wetland Management Strategy (WMS) was developed in 2016 to promote wise use and sustainable management of all wetlands within the Colombo Metropolitan Region.

What is a Rights of Wetlands approach?

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Rights of Nature is gaining increased support as a solution, an approach that is consistent with many Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ views and increasingly championed by courts, legislatures and international institutions. A ‘Rights of Wetlands’ approach promotes a holistic strategy that protects the integral functioning of a wetland, including safeguards for its constituent species and beneficial human activities that support poverty alleviation.