Languages without borders

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International Mother Language Day (celebrated on the 21st February each year) is designated to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, and multilingualism. This year’s theme of ‘languages without borders’ highlights how cross border languages can promote peaceful dialogue and help to preserve cultural heritage. In Guyana we have 10 Indigenous languages. These are, in alphabetical order, Akawaio, Arecuna, Atorada (near extinct), Carib, Carolese, Falmouth Sign Language, Lokono (Endangered), Makushi, Patamuna, Taruma (near extinct), Wapichan, Wai Wai and Warrau.

Pilot training in traditional knowledge integration for local stakeholders in Guyana

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Aimed at representatives of governmental organizations, civil society groups/NGOs and Indigenous leaders, the course “Traditional knowledge integration for conservation and development” aims to build capacity of stakeholders, not only to be more knowledgeable of traditional knowledge, but also to better use traditional knowledge within their work.

Hearing from community researchers – testimonials from the Darwin Traditional Knowledge project

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Peer researchers are recognised members of, and have kinship, ties, and alliances, with the Indigenous communities with whom research is taking place. They play a vital role in ensuring that the information collected is representative, respectful of different views and opinions, and that the research process is community owned. Here we hear from a few of them working in Guyana.

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